Things We Never Got Over Book Review

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Things We Never Got Over Book Review

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score is book one in the Knockemout series and was published in January 2022. This book became viral on social media with many expressing how this quickly became one of their favorite small town romance novels.

This book is the perfect cozy, found family romance whilst also tackling some of the harder subjects surrounding love and family. 

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Storyline/ plot

The book takes place in the small town of Knockemout, where runaway bride Naomi finds herself the day after her wedding to help out her troubled twin sister Tina. Naomi soon realizes due to the less than happy occupants of Knockemout that her or her sister’s presence within the town is unappreciated.

After finally explaining to the local coffee shop owner that she is in fact not her trouble-making twin, she is bombarded by Knox Morgan who at first glance, seems to be some kind of town keeper. 

Naomi soon finds out she is way in over her head, as Tina steals her car, breaks into her motel room and steals money and valuable possessions while also leaving Naomi with her eleven year old daughter Waylay. 

Knox decides to put his personal issues against Tina aside and help the overwhelmed Naomi in finding her and Waylay a place to stay and a part time job to keep them both afloat for the near future. 

With time passing and Naomi getting into a new routine, it all becomes very confusing when her relationship with Knox  turns romantic and her parents come to town. This inspires Knox and Naomi to fake a relationship that doesn’t seem so fake. 

Everything doesn’t stay picture perfect forever though as Tina stages robberies and breaks into Naomi’s home. With Knox coming close to losing his family and Naomi for good, will he be able to overcome his past to save his future?

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Writing style

This book is a dual POV between Knox and Naomi, with pretty much every trope you would want from a small town romance, with enemies to lovers, fake dating, and found family. Lucy Score’s writing feels very real, she includes so many details to make the characters feel like real people to the reader, her side characters are very involved and all serve a purpose to the main protagonists.

The story as a whole is paced so well, it’s not so fast you feel like you’ve missed anything but not slow enough to make the story drag on. It also has little details that lead into the next books within the series. 

Pros/ cons

Pros of this book were the character progressions throughout, from their own personal developments to their relationships, the angst and the enemies to lovers was shown throughout a timeline and through actual events not and it made sense.

The pacing again was really well written; it was the perfect balance of big events and slower day to day stuff. It showed real struggles within the family and the financial effect of moving to a new town and starting fresh. It also  shows how not everyone deserves to be treated differently because of where they come from or who their family is.

The only con I would have was towards the end where I thought one event in particular was a bit unrealistic and didn’t match how the rest of the book was quite realistic in a way but it was only a little thing that didn’t take away anything from the book. 


Overall I gave this book 4.75 stars. It was a really nice little romance that I really enjoyed and got through quite fast, it had everything I enjoy in a romance book. It was also really sweet to see the representation of how you can’t plan everything and that you don’t have to live your life to make up for other people.

I loved all of the characters and felt they were really well written and, I genuinely just enjoyed reading this book the whole way through. 

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