The Many Faces of Love: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is one of the best historical fiction pieces written within the modern day with many people within the media dubbing it a modern classic.

This gripping novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid was published on 13th June 2017, boasting 389 pages and 2 awards. Following the life of ex Hollywood starlet Evelyn Hugo, we uncover every scandal, relationship, loss, and friendship along the way. 

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Delving into the Plot: A Journey of Fame and Scandal

As the reader we are first introduced to budding journalist Monique Grant who works for a magazine as she is called into her seniors office to discuss the strange request that has come via Evelyn to write a report on a dress auction the ex star is supposedly holding for charity. 

Monique is intrigued to know just why Evelyn requested her specifically but of course obliges, of course nothing concerning Evelyn is never as straightforward as it seems, as soon as monique arrives at the lavish penthouse she is informed by the queen of scandal herself that she would actually like Monique to write her biography but, her name will not be on the book itself. 

Throughout their time together we learn everything from where Evelyn grew up, her family life, how she became the household name that she is and of course, every detail about all seven of her marriages including, her one true love. 

As time goes on Monique becomes progressively astounded with Evelyn and realizes just how much she truly has learned from the acting mogul herself which helps her to figure out some of her own more complicated personal issues but, why did Evelyn really choose Monique?

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Exploring Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Writing Style

Taylor Jenkins Reid excels at character building like no other author which makes it so easy to become fully consumed by them and their lives, not all of her characters are created to be liked which gives the story such depth they really are one of a kind. 

Another way Taylor sets her stories apart from the rest is the way certain characters pop up in most of her novels intertwining almost every story but, in a way that allows you to really get to know the motives of certain characters throughout some other novels. 

Although Taylor has not released some books such as Daisy Jones and The Six, Carrie Soto is Back and the Seven Husbands together as an official series we do see particular characters throughout them all. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This book is my personal favorite so it is completely biased. I have no cons but, the pros are the way it explores all of the different types of love you can have throughout your life and that not every love has to be romantic, sometimes one good friendship is better than any amount of romance. 

This book also shows us how any small thing in our lives can have an everlasting impact on somebody else’s life and how our choices affect others too. We explore Evelyn and every single up and down of her career and whether or not the price of fame is really worth it in the long term. 

The way this story is written is truly beautiful and can make such an impact on anyone who reads it. 

Final Impressions: Why This Book Is a Modern Classic

Overall I gave this book five stars and will always float back to it as well as pushing pretty much everyone I know to read it. It handles so many different things in such a delicate way it makes it all seem very real in a way not many other books can.

This story very rightfully deserves the title of Modern Classic and will be read and enjoyed by many for a long time after the media coverage. 

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