Daisy Jones and The Six Book Review


Daisy Jones and The Six is amongst a long list of fan favorites within the media currently, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid and published 5th March 2019, it won the Goodreads award for Historical fiction before being turned into a TV series adaptation by Amazon, released in early 2023. Making it yet another of Taylor Jenkins Reids much loved novels. 

Storyline/ Plot

This book follows a young Daisy Jones struggling to find her purpose in life, as well as a small town band ‘The Six’ trying to make it big, to succeed in the world of music. We see snippets of Daisy and her life, a strained relationship with her family leads to her seeking comfort in strangers and substances until one night it changes. 

A determined perfectionist Billy Dunne is the self appointed ‘leader’ of the band, set on making a life for himself and his girlfriend Camilla. Problems arise when a record deal will mean the boys have to relocate to LA, will Camilla decide her relationship is strong enough to risk everything she has worked for herself. 

After securing the deal The Six seem to be doing really well, but fame comes at a price along with sacrifice, like leaving for a tour around the country while your wife is pregnant. While Camilla is home preparing for the new arrival Billy struggles with substance abuse and the temptation to stray away from his marriage, becoming more disconnected everyday. 

After a short hiatus The Six decide to return, little do they know they will not be alone as their producer has been busy looking for the next big star he introduces the band to Daisy Jones and the rest, becomes history. 

The group releases a hit song that shoots them back where they left off if not further up, as things go further with the band including Daisy, discussions arise on if the band should make her an official; member. 

As romances spark, albums being released and personal relationships hitting rock bottom, the band struggle to keep things together or atleast civil enough to work with, until one day Daisy enters the stage barefoot at the Whisky and everything changes. Although everyone saw what happened, they all remember it differently. 

Writing style

This 1970’s nostalgia is written less of a typical piece of fiction and more of a documentary interview which is nice to be able to really get every character’s perspective on things as they are happening. It is also nice to be able to get more of a deeper insight to the other characters, even if they are not the main focus we still get a really good idea of who they are, how they think and everything else. I also really enjoy Taylor Jenkins Reid and her way of writing books that are set back in time. I love how the fashion is described and the settings, and find she has a really good way at creating really immersible worlds. 

Pros/ cons 

I think the pros of this book is the character building and the descriptive settings, it feels as though the characters are real and they are really living this insane roller coaster of a life. The way the characters are depicted is so good, i also love how not every character is written to be liked that gives so much depth to the story. I personally didn’t really like the interview style of writing, as much as i thought it was cool and fit this story well I cannot see myself picking a book like this up again. 


Overall I gave this book three stars, it was a nice story, a fast paced read that really kept my attention, but I personally didn’t really like the interview style of writing. I thought the character dynamics were really well written and that they all had a lot of depth to them individually but I personally didn’t get as attached to these characters as I have with other characters in past books. 

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