Twisted Games Book Review

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Twisted Games Book Review

Twisted Games is the second book in the ‘Twisted’ series written by Ana Huang, published 22nd July 2021, following from the first book Twisted Love. This series as a whole has had so much hype on social media since the release of each book, giving them a loyal and ever growing fan base. 

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Storyline/ plot

This book follows Bridget Von Ascherburg, Princess of Eldorra and second in line to the throne, Bridget is best friends with Ava Cheng who is the focus of the first book. In this book we follow Bridget on her transition to getting a new bodyguard while her previous one, Booth, goes on paternity leave. 

Rhys Larsen, is a big, strict, stern, Ex navy SEAL who is appointed to be the bodyguard for Princess Bridget. Rhys has two rules:1) To keep his clients safe. 2) Not to get involved in their personal lives These rules have always worked for Rhys, until Bridget, who makes almost everything as difficult as she can for Rhys. 

Everything seems to be settling into a nice routine for Bridget, with her volunteer work, graduation, and her friends; until her grandfather suddenly falls ill meaning a spontaneous trip to Eldorra where she’s met with even more of a surprise. Her brother is abdicating, meaning Bridget will become Queen. 

With her whole life turning upside down, and her chance of a ‘normal’ future being taken away she feels as though nothing in her life is of her control, not even who she falls in love with. As tensions rise in her personal life, the connection between Rhys and Bridget is also taking a twist, changing from constant conflict to being totally inseparable. 

As things between the two heat up by the second it is becoming even harder to keep their relationship secret, not just from the press but from everyone. Will they be able to find a solution before Bridget becomes Queen, or will they have to sacrifice everything they have built together, just for them to leave?

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Writing Style

Just like the first book this one is also dual POV  as well as more of a forbidden love, enemies to lovers trope, which makes it so interesting, knowing they can’t be together but going from hating to loving anyway. Ana Huang builds characters so well that when you finish the book you almost feel empty without those characters, i also love the way she includes different locations within her books which reflects her personal love for travel. 

This book in particular is definitely a lot more spicy than other romance books I have read but, it does not focus fully on the smut/ romance. This book also has a really good storyline in general with the different events in both of the characters personal lives tying in with the main plot. 

Pros/ cons

a bit more to it. I felt the characters actually complemented each other and made sense whereas, in a lot of romances the couples don’t actually make sense. The only con I would have was that it did take me a bit longer to get into this book than the other but it was definitely worth it in the end. 


Overall I did actually enjoy this book a lot  and rated it a 4 stars. I thought it was a really nice read that flowed well making it nice and easy to get through. I really enjoyed the relationship between Rhys and Brdiget and thought they actually were a good match as well. I also enjoy the forbidden love trope as a whole so this was a great book in my opinion. I think that this book is better than Twisted Love and also a good sequel to that story. I also enjoy how all of the books link together with the characters. 

I personally enjoyed this book more than the first one. I thought the story was really good with a really gripping plot as well as subplots, which didn’t take anything from the main plot, just added 

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