Heart Bones Book Review

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Heart Bones Book Review

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover was originally published on 19th August 2020 as a contemporary romance following two young adults from contrasting backgrounds. Heart Bones is one of Colleen’s novels that is substantially more modest and more recommendable to a slightly younger audience. Overall it is a beautiful romance that promotes looking through another person’s past in order to enter their future. 

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Storyline/ plot

We begin the story in Kentucky with a small town, volleyball player Beyah, as she finishes her shift at McDonalds and comes home to find her mother dead. It would be wrong for Beyah to say she was surprised at her mothers sudden death as her mother, Janine, had been a drug addict since she could remember, making her feelings towards her death pretty neutral. 

With a lack of friends or immediate family around her Beyah is left with one option, to get in touch with her father who she has actively avoided for almost two years. In less than 24 hours her life is turned upside down, with her life packed into a couple of bags, she flew to Texas to spend the summer with her father before heading to college in August, she figures it’ll be a quiet summer until her father reminds her of his new wife and Beyah’s new stepsister. 

The peaceful summer Beyah first thought she was having turned  out to be full of surprises, from a new sister and all of her new friends to a possible new love interest. Samson is the complete opposite of Beyah, mind numbingly rich, entitled, has no knowledge of life without money, yet Beyah and Samson couldn’t be more alike. With each passing moment the pair grew such an intense bond their hearts seem to have grown bones which means hearts can break. 

Everything over the summer had been going so well until it all came crashing down in a matter of moments, with secrets coming to light. Will Beyah be able to save herself and Samson or will their heart bones snap?

Writing style

This is one of Colleen’s fewer books that aren’t dual POV which I think suited this story so well it was really great to see the progression of Beyah and how she dealt with all of the insane changes in her life. It was also nice to see the contrast in this book between the two different lifestyles of Beyah and her new family/ friends, it was nice to see Colleen’s perspective on the financial difficulty that many families face and how that affects the children within those families. 

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Pros/ cons

I personally enjoyed this book, it was a little different than some of the others from Colleen Hoover, definitely less spicy but still a really intense romance. Heart Bones was set in a beach town so it gave all of the summer, beach, fun vibes you could expect but, still delivering a really detailed and unpredictable plot line. I also loved the dynamic between Beyah and Samson and how they progressed so much together and in turn became better separately. I would only really say that a couple of characters that were mentioned I felt didn’t really add much to the story but I still appreciated the book overall. 


I gave this book a 4 stars, it was a really good, fast, easy read for me. Something in Colleen Hoover books just make them so easy to read and they always hold interest and although they do mostly revolve around the romance, they also have really good twists and different subplots that add so much to the book and really elevate the story as a whole. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone, it’s a great gateway into Colleen Hoover as it’s a nice light book in comparison to some others.

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